Support the Take It Easy Squad Server

Take it Easy Squad Server

Thank you for deciding to help out with the server costs. Currently we are paying the following amount for operational costs:

1. $200/month for the server
2. $10/month for discord nitro
3. $10/month for remote console

We are of course more than happy to pay for these costs ourselves, but if you'd like to contribute and help us out, then we're super thankful!

We currently provide the following benefits for our sponsors:

1. Single payment of above or equal to $5 - be added to the reserved slot for 1 month.
2. Monthly payments above or equal to $5 - added to the reserved slot for the months paid.

We only have a maximum of 8 reserved slots available, therefore need to have a bit of a price barrier to pay for it since these are also reserved for admins. Depending on the number of sponsors, this may be increased in the future!

Please input your username after payment in this format so we can identify you and add your benefits:

1. Discord: example#0000

2. Steam: (input your "SteamID64")

Please include both to save mix-ups.

If you do not know how to find your SteamID64 please contact Papa Bear or Mriggyoggy in our Discord for assistance.

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